OkuIzumo, Tatara steel manufacture


The Oku-Izumo mountain range

Oku-Izumo provinces are regions where the myth of Japan was made.
This provinces have abundant four seasonss. And, many good quality iron sand is produced there, and a large amount of charcoal is supplied, too. Those raw materials are indispensable to the steel manufacture industry.

A baldness mountain
You can encounter such a scenery
when you travel around this provinces.

Hiikawa river
This river was used as industrial use
for the steel manufacture industry.

Material pavilion of Tatara steel manufacture industry
Yokota-city, Shimane Prefecture, industry was active steel manufacture from old times.
Japan hardly has the resource of the iron ore, but iron sand was abundant.
The technology is called Tatara which produces steel from iron sand.
There is a material pavilion of steel manufacture by the Tatara method in the Yokota-city.

Iron sand
Oku-Izumo provinces had abundant iron sand resources.
The quality of those iron sands was very high.
A high-level Japanese sword is made from this iron sand.

Furnace of Tatara (Cross section)
This is a steel manufacture system by the
Tatara method. The iron sand and
charcoal are turned on to this furnace.
When charcoal is burnt, the iron sand
dissolves and becomes a pig iron.

The mass of the iron refined in the
Tatara method is called Kera.
This is iron with very high purity.
This mass becomes the raw
material of the Japanese sword.

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