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There are many bueatiful pictures as background in "Whisper of the Heart". Those pictures were drawn by Mr. Naohisa INOUE who was a professional painter. He took charge of the following scene. In "Whisper of the Heart", Shizuku writes her own story that appears as a play inside play. The play inside play has an extremely fantastic background, Mr. Naohisa INOUE drew them.
He keeps drawing the world named "Iblard" more than 20 years. He is making up the world of Iblard. There are quite a lot of common points of Shizuku's Story and the World of "Iblard" because both of them were drawn by him.

In this corner, you can see the world "Iblard" by Mr.Naohisa INOUE. Let's click here!

About the World of Iblard now preparing

Pictures of Iblard used in "Whisper of the Heart" 31 Jul. 2000

Pictures of planetoid composed of Iblard 31 Jul. 2000

Gallery of the other Iblard World now preparing

A Report of Exposition d'Iblard Paris 2001  2002/04/12

Inoue's Wall paintings at the Ghibli Museum  2002/11/11

A Report of Exposition in New York 2003  2003/11/17

Shakkei Teien (Garden of the distance feeling was reversed)

This is the most famous picture in the play in the play of
"Whisper of the Heart". The distance feeling of this picture
is reversed. That is, the one which is far away looks large,
the other which is looks small to be near.
It producesextremely fantastic atmosphere. )

Naohisa INOUE

Naohisa INOUE

He was born in 1948 in Osaka Prefecture. He entered the art university in 1971 in Ishikawa Prefecture. After his graduation, he found employment in the advertising agency. He worked as a designer in the company, but he retired in 1973. After, he became an art teacher in the high school in Osaka Prefecture. He started the activity as the painter while the art teacher.
The Picture which he draws has united themes. The name of the theme is called "Iblard". It is a certain kind of fantastic nation. He became a professional painter after he resigned teacher in 1992. The painting which he draws has acquired very high popularity. His most expensive picture is worthy for 20,000 dollars or more.
Still more, he is publishing a lot of picture collections.

*All pictures has been permitted by the auther Naohisa Inoue to publish in here. (C)NAOHISA INOUE

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