a road on the way to school , Kompira-Guh


(18)a road on the way to school

On the hill, there is a road. It has a fine view of lowlands.
In "Whisper of the Heart", many students ware using this road to go to the school.

(19)Chinese noodles shop
In the story, there was Chinese noodles shop "Myong Myong" on the
way of the road of going to school. The Chinese noodles shop liked
to it well is in the vicinity of Oguri-bashi bridge.
(After school, Shizuku did by this Chinese noodles shop and was called
to stop by Sugimura. And, they went to Konpira-guh to hear his story.)

Actual Konpira-guh is located in the vicinity of the top of Iroha-Zaka slope.
(Here, Shizuku is confessed from Sugimura.)

(21)Pine tree and the stairs
(Shizuku refused the confession
of Sugimura. And, she went to
"the earth shop" in melancholic
feelings. This stairs passed at
that time.)

(22)stairs at the Irohazaka

(When running here and descending,
vigour is always good to Shizuku.
However, she went up in
melancholic feelings this
stairs on this day.)

(Shizuku refused the confession of Sugimura here in daytime.
Then, she went to "the earth shop". The way back from "the earth shop"
and Seiji saw off Shizuku to this place at night.
The place where Sugimura's offer is refused be might the same the place
where goodwill is held in Seiji and skillful production.
It might be skillful production that the place where the confession is refused
because of Sugimura and the place where with goodwill in Seiji are the same.)

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