a housing development


(23)a housing development

The photograph is Atago-Nichome Danchi in the Tama new town. The water supply tower does the same type to the movie. This side is a park.
(Shizuku heard the worry about Yuko sitting on the bench in this park at night.)

(24)Atago danchi 1
It can be said that this is a
design of typical "Danchi"
(The elder sister Shiho threw
the postcard toward Shizuku
between the third floor and
the fourth floor of this building.)

(25)Atago danchi 2
A lot of plants grow in surroundings
in the danchi.

(26)stairs of danchi
Here is a passage in danchi.
A right door is an entrance
in the each house.

(26')stairs of danchi
Here is a landing. It's extremely

(27)a bicycle depository
(Shizuku's father was using the bicycle to commute.
The bicycle is put on the bicycle depository of such cooperation.)

(28)Higashiteragata danchi 1
Here is located on the north side of
There are many same type buildings.

(29)Higashiteragata danchi 2
Here is a place where Seiji came for
Shizuku with the bicycle before dawn.

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