a bamboo grove, Irohazaka


(9)a bamboo grove
Shizuku had found the cat before entering the library and ran after the cat.
Then, she passed slope which had been placed between house and house.
There was a bamboo grove.

(10)rotary A
(Shizuku passed the library to run after the cat and came off. And,
she reached this rotary. "The earth shop" is supposed to be here.)

(11)rotary B
In this area, there is an another

(12)Rotary C
In this area, there is an another
rotary, too.

(13)road to library 1
(Shizuku went to the library
running on this road hurrying up.)

(14)road to library 2
Here is the vicinity of the
top of the Iroha-Zaka slope.
The view from here is very good.

(15)stairs at the Irohazaka

In the story, this vicinity might be called
"The hill of Tenshu". There is supposed
to be a library in this right under.

(16)stairs at the Irohazaka
slope B

In the south of Irokazaka
slope,@there is an another
stairs, too.

(17)Ooguri-gawa river
(Shizuku walked on this banks of a river
when she returns from the library.)

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