TUXCD 1061 Paul Hindemith: A Requiem "For those we love"
When lilacs last in the door-yard boolm'd -- A Requiem "For those we love"
Music:Paul Hindemith
1Prelude for orchestra
1.When lilacs
22.Arioso, In the swamp
33.March, Over the breast of the spring
44.O western orb
55.Arioso, Sing, on, there in the swamp
66.Song, O how shall I warble
77.Introduction and Fuge, Lo! body and soul
88.Sing on! you gray-brown bird
99.Death Carol, Come, lovely and soothing Death
1010.To the tally of my soul
1111.Finale, Passing the visions

‡¥:Vienna State Opera Choir
ŽwŠö:Paul Hindemith
ŠÇŒ·Šy:Vienna Symphony Orchestra

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