Shakespeare 21
1 Orpheus with his Lute
Music:Sven Hagvil
3 Shakespeare Songs
Music:Ralph Vaughan-Williams
2 1.Full fathom five3:57
3 2.The cloud-capp'd towers2:55
4 3.Over hill, over dale1:21
Fancies I より
Music:Sven-Eric Johanson
5 1.Sylvia1:44
6 2.Under the greenwood tree1:32
7 3.Blow, blow thou winter wind1:49
8 4.Fancy0:44
9 Fall Asleep, or Hearing, Die
Music:Fabio Nieder
5 Ariel Songs
Music:Frank Martin
10 1.Come unto these yellow sands1:42
11 2.Full fathom five3:28
12 3.Before you can say 'Come and go'1:02
13 4.You are three men of sin4:02
14 5.Where the bee sucks, there suck I1:20
15 Orpheus
Music:Lars Johan Werle
16 All Days are Nights till I See Thee (Sonnett 43)
Music:Sven Hagvil
O Mistress mine より
Music:Nils Lindberg
17 3.Shall I compare thee to a summer's day3:23
Fancies I より
Music:Sven-Eric Johanson
18 5.O mistress mine1:38
Fancies II より
Music:Sven-Eric Johanson
19 1.Lovers Love the Spring2:38
More Shakespeare Songs より
Music:Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
20 5.A Scurvy Tune1:31

合唱:Kammerchor Hannover
指揮:Stephen Doormann
ピアノ:Johanna Marie Henning([5]-[8][18][19])
ハープ:Anke Franzius/アコーディオン:Snezana Nesic/打楽器:Dörte Siefert([9])

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