Point Records

Point Records - Independent Music - OH Musik Aps, P.O.Box 49, DK-2680 Solrø Strand, Denmark

PCD 5159 Water in the Fields - American Choir Music
PCD 5156 Church Music for Choir in the 20th Century
PCD 5152 Lux Aeterna - International Church Music from the 20th Century
PCD 5148 Music to Hear - Dansk kormusik fra det 20. århundrede
PCD 5146 O Come, Let Us Sing
PCD 5144 Just before Spring
PCD 5132 Kom, lad os juble... - Dansk kirkemusik
PCD 5127 Reflections - contemporary Danish choral music
PCD 5125 Nordisk Suite
PCD 5115 Laudate Dominum
PCD 5089 Tage Nielsen