Make His Praise Glorious
CDGDCD 025CA10061998
1Psalm of Dedication (Psalm 100)
Music:Samuel Adler
2Psalm 90
Music:Charles Ives
Make a Joyful Noise op.105
Music:Alan Hovhaness
42.Save Me, O God3:52
53.Give Ear to My Prayer9:05
64.Make His Praise Glorious4:39
Psalm-Motets より
Music:Alan Hovhaness
73.Thou Hast Loved Rightousness2:26
85.Behold, How Good and How Pleasant1:28
99.Thou Hast Turned My Laments Into Dancing1:16
104.Open To Me The Gates of Rightousness0:54
11O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me and Known Me (Psalm 139)
Music:Ronald A. Nelson
Psalms of Woe and Joy
Music:Robert Starer
121.Chaneini - Be Gracious To Me, Lord5:48
132.Hodu - Glory To The Lord3:52
14Psalm 8, How excellent Thy Name
Music:Howard Hanson
15Psalm 23 The Lord is My Shepherd
Music:Randall Thompson

合唱:Gloriae Dei Cantores
指揮:Elizabeth C. Patterson
オルガン:James E. Jordan, Jr.([1][2][11][14])
トランペット:Mark Albro, Rosemary Ingwersen([1])
ベル,打楽器:Sr. Mercy Minor, Michael Hale, Pamela Jordan, Sr., Elena Entwistle, Br. Stephen Velie([2])
トランペット:Mark Albro, Rosemary Ingwersen/トロンボーン:James Pfeiffer, Br.,Benedict Young([3]-[6])
バイオリン:Timothy McKendree([11])
ピアノ:David Chalmers([12][13])
ハープ:Sr. Mary Magdalene Buddington([15])

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