English Choral Music
CDGLO 5170CA3581997
3 Shakespeare Songs
Music:Ralph Vaughan Williams
11.Full Fathom Five2:31
22.The Cloud-Capp'd Towers1:58
33.Over Hill, over Dale0:52
Music:Herbert Howells
41.Salvator mundi1:58
52.Psalm 232:07
63.Requiem aeternam [1]3:18
74.Psalm 1212:02
85.Requiem aeternam [2]3:27
96.I heard a voice from heaven4:07
Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda op.26 3rd Group
Music:Gustav Holst
101.Hymn to the Dawn3:06
112.Hymn to the Waters1:57
123.Hymn to Vena5:00
134.Hymn of the Travellers2:20
5 Flower Songs
Music:Benjamin Britten
141.To Daffodils2:22
152.The Succession of the Four Sweet Months1:51
163.Marsh Flowers1:56
174.The Evening Primrose2:20
185.Ballad of Green Broom1:50
19The Golden Wine is Drunk
Music:David Bedford

合唱:Netherlands Chamber Choir
指揮:John Alldis
ハープ:Manja Smits([10]-[13])

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