To the Field of Stars
CDFRCD 083CA11832014
To the Field of Stars
Music:Gabriel Jackson
1 1.Intrada2:44
2 2.Prayer for Travelling4:38
3 3.Pilgrims' Song with History Lesson4:24
4 4.Walking with God5:03
5 5.Miracles5:51
6 6.Our Journey had Advanced4:54
7 7.Campus Stellae (The Field of Stars)4:59
8 8.Compostela (O Quam Gloriosum)5:01
9 Pilgrimage - Lang ist die Zeit und weit der Weg
Music:Hans Schanderl
10 Farewell
Music:Enrico Miaroma

合唱:S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir
指揮:Gary Graden
打楽器:Anders Åstrand, Rolf Landberg([1]-[8])
チェロ:Erik Uusijärvi([1]-[8])

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