Songs of Smaller Creatures and other American Choral Works
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Songs of Smaller Creatures
Music:Abbie Betinis
1 1.The Bees' Song1:11
2 2.A noiseless, patient spider4:08
3 3.Envoi3:42
Buzzings -- 3 Pieces about Bees
Music:Lee Kesselman
4 1.To make a prairie1:33
5 2.A Bee his burnished Carriage1:05
6 3.Bee! I'm expecting you!1:28
7 When David heard
Music:Eric Whitacre
Sonnets of Desire, Longing, and Whimsy
Music:Stacy Garrop
8 1.Now by this moon, before this moon shall wane2:45
9 2.Time does not bring relief; you all have lied3:13
10 3.I shall forget you presently, my dear1:41
11 Acrostic Song from 'Final Alice'
Music:David Del Tredici
7 Motets for the Church Year
Music:Ned Rorem
12 1.While All Things Were in Quiet Silence1:53
13 2.Before the Morning Star Begotten0:58
14 3.Lay Up for Yourselves1:00
15 4.Praise Him Who Was Crucified1:00
16 5.God is Gone Up1:23
17 6.Today the Holy Spirit Appeared2:19
18 7.Rejoice We All in the Lord2:17
5 Romantic Miniatures
Music:Paul Crabtree
19 1.Abe - You remind me of a poem1:38
20 2.Lisa - I like Langdon Alger0:43
21 3.Homer - Marge, you make the bestc0:50
22 4.Marge - I love you so much1:17
23 5.Homer - Marge, I need you2:12
24 Sleep
Music:Eric Whitacre

‡₯:Grant Park Chorus
ŽwŠφ:Christopher Bell

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