TROY 307 Choral Music of Ned Rorem
3 Motets より
Music:Ned Rorem
13.Thee, God..
Seven Motets for the Church Year
Music:Ned Rorem
21.While All Things Were in Quiet Silence
32.Before the Morning Star Begotten
43.Lay Up for Yourselves
54.Praise Him Who Was Crucified
65.God is Gone Up
76.Today the Holy Spirit Appeared
87.Rejoice We All in the Lord
9Phos Hilaron
Music:Ned Rorem
10Canticle of the Lamb
Music:Ned Rorem
11Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?
Music:Ned Rorem
12Come, Pure Hearts, in Sweetest Measure
Music:Ned Rorem
13Mercy and Truth are Met
Music:Ned Rorem
Love Alone より
Music:Ned Rorem
Little Prayers より
Music:Ned Rorem
151.Creator Spirit, Who Dost Lightly Hover
162.Father, Guide and Lead Me
173.Creator Spirit, Please
What is Pink?
Music:Ned Rorem
181.What is Pink?
192.The Mysterious Cat
203.Who Has Seen the Wind?
214.A Pavane for the Nursery
225.Counting-Out Rhyme
236.The House on the Hill
24All Glorious God
Music:Ned Rorem
25Breathe on Me, Breath of God
Music:Ned Rorem
26Lead, Lindly Light
Music:Ned Rorem
27Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Music:Ned Rorem
28Sing, my soul, His wondrous love
Music:Ned Rorem
29Sing, my soul, His wondrous love
Music:Ned Rorem

合唱:CONCORA - Connecticut Choral Artists
指揮:Richard Coffey
オルガン:Larry Allen([1][11]-[13][29])
ピアノ:Larry Allen,David Westfall,Carol Allen([14][18]-[23])

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