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  Introduces musical robots.  Related page is Robot Percussionist KOSAN-KUN.  
Robot Band





Exhibited at overseas exhibitions such as Maker Fair Chengdu.



Concept of Robot Band

The idea is that "synchronize several robots and let them play music."
Connect PC and each robot with a serial cable,

Dedicated software loads a MIDI file, then each robot plays the assigned part.
(PWM type and serial type servo and controller are mixed. These are controlled by the PC.
Vocaloid sings the songs.


  Part assignment  
Hatsune Miku doll   Vocal Sings a song with voice synthesis.
Miss. Tomato Vocal

Sings a song with voice synthesis.

Plays acry pan (turtle percussion instrument).
Katori-Kun Melody
 (Lead guitar-like position)
Plays a color chime bars. Since it is a puppet doll, in fact human manipulate and  it perform music.
Kosan-Kun 1 Melody Plays color chime bars.
Playing the main melody when Katri-kun is not used.
When Katri-kun is used, it plays obbigard etc.
Chibisan-Kun Accompaniment
(Rhythm guitar position)
Plays color chime bars.
Since it can only play 2 chords at the same time, it plays chord notes with arpeggio.
Mamesan-Kun Percussion Performs Japanese drums, bells and other percussions.
Kosan-Kun 2 Electronic drums Plays the acry - drums (electronic drums).
Dekasan-Kun   Moderator Acts as a moderator at the event.



Activity record

  April 8, 2016 RoboGames (Pleasanton City, California)  Awarded gold medal of musical robot movie    

April 16, 2016 Mechatro Life Meet Up Vol1 (Nagano City, Japan)

  April 30, 2016 Children's Festival 2016 (Mie Pref. Japan)  
  June 9 to 10, 2016 Robotics Mechatronics Lecture 2016 in Yokohama (Yokohama City, Japan)  
  June 19, 2016 FETE DE LA MUSIQUE AU JAPON 2016 in Folklore Museum (Osaka City, Japan)  
  July 9 to 10, 2016 Maker's Bazaar Osaka (Osaka City, Japan)
  July 17, 2016 Saka Harbor Festival (Shodo Island, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan)  
  July 29, 2016 Panasonic Tech&Tell (Wonder LAB Osaka HUB) (Osaka City, Japan)  
  August 6 to 7, 2016 Maker Faire Tokyo 2016 (Tokyo, Japan)  
  September 19, 2016 ZEST Oike Everyone's Cultural Festival (Kyoto City)  
  September 23,- 24, 2016 Taiwan friendship concert (Taipei and Xinbei, Taiwan)  
  23 - 24 October 2016 MakerFaire Shenzhen (Shenzhen City, China)  
  November 3, 2016 Soka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Festival Robot Pro Wrestling Friendship Square (Saitama Prefecture, Japan)  
  November 19 - 20 November 2016 Kyoto University November Festival (Kyoto, Japan)  
  December 2 - 4, 2016 Meccar Fair Chengdu (Chengdu, China)  
  10 December 2016 Toyonaka Green Hill Christmas Concert (Osaka)