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  Introduces musical robots.  Related page is Robot Percussionist KOSAN-KUN.  
Maker Faire Tokyo (2016 Aug 6th -7th)

  Following this exhibition at Makerfair Tokyo, we were invited to a Chinese maker fair one after another.  
Taiwan tour (2016 Sep. 23rd - 24th)

  Taiwan tour of a band named Nippon Tatami Gakki Seizou. We had performances at subway station and theater.  
Maker Faire Shenzhen (2016 Oct. 23rd - 24th)

  The faire was held safely although we hadthe attack of the typhoon and etc. We had such a good location in front of the headquarters booth.  

  Monica and Violet of seeed studio who invited the robot band to the Maker faire Shenzhen.  

  I participated in Nico technique Shenzhen Observation Tour after the faire.
Mr. Takasu of the teamLab guided the tour people.
Maker Faire Chengdu (2016 Dec. 2nd - 4th)

  The government's great officer and the president of seeed studio who invited robot band to Chengdu Maker Fair.  

  With Mr. Dale, the Maker fair founder.  


I joined to the tour organized by seeed studio. I watched pandas at hand.

Maker Faire Bay Area (2017 May 19th - 21st)

  Earn 4 Blue Ribbons at booth. (Two of them were presented to co-exhibitor's work "Craftel".)  
Colorful Daegu (2017 May 27th - 28th)

  Participated in the cultural exchange project of Daegu city of Korea and Kyoto city.  

  Joining the parade the main street with raising the robot.  
Maker Faire Xi'an (2017 July 15th - 16th)


  We were invited to the maker faire by a new company named makernet.
Our booth was in front of the entrance. (Any better places?)
The funds were issued from the Xi'an government and the mayor visited us.

  Commemorative photo with participants from Japan.  

  I participated in a sightseeing tour that makernet organized. I saw Terracotta Warriors.  
Maker faire Singapore (2017 July 22nd - 23rd)

  After the Maker Fair Xian, we went to Maker Faire Singapore.
Since the venue was a science hall, many children came to the faire.
Foreign minister who likes Maker fair has also come.
I got a blue ribbon because it is my first time to join the Maker Faire Singapore.

  Commemorative photo with exhibitors from Japan and Dr. Habibie who operates science festival in Indonesia.  
Maker Faire Tokyo (2017 Aug. 5th - 6th)

  I think the location was not good.  
Maker Faire Beijing (2017 Aug. 11th - 13th)

  Kevin of mekernet, who took care of me in Xian, came to the booth.  

  In addition to the exhibition at booth, we also performed at the main stage.
In the Maker Fair Beijing, I got two Blue Ribbons.

  Presented in the forum. I learned later, the other people are great people.  
Taipei hot spring festival (2017 Oct. 21st -22nd)


  Tatami band participated in the local festival and the Taipei hot spring festival. Exhibited at the booth and stage appearance with one automatic performance robot and robot fortune-telling.  
Maker Faire Taipei (2017 Nov. 3rd - 5th)



A publishing company that is  hosting  Maker Fair Taipei invited me. I participated in the opening celemony and forum.


  Dr. Song who invited us have watched robot band at Tokyo Maker Fair.  He invited Peking duck dinner.  


Robot fortune-telling is more popular than musical playing, and prepared 500 sheets of paper had just run out within three days.


  Sari Teknologi invited us and we joined an event called ULTIMATE ROBOT FIGHTING.  

  We had three stages every day.  

  There were something like Christmas in Indonesia.  
Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur (2018 Jan.19 - 21)

  We were invited to join Kshitij at IIT Kharagpur.  



Maker Faire Hong Kong (2018 July 7th - 8th)

  The Hong Kong Polytechnic was the venue. Dr. Clifford Choi is the organizer.
I joined with three robots, two musical robots and one fortune-telling robot.