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Recommended  "Flowerdelic"

Mark Stephen Weitz
Original member and keyboard player of The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Shinowa’s new melodic energy-filled album release “Flowerdelic” shows just how really far Shinowa has come musically since I first discovered their cover version of our record “Sit with a Guru” on You Tube back in 1999!
Along with listening to 9 NEW exciting tracks of their new tunes ( I already picked out my favs!), they again decided to re-recorded a 2018 version of "Sit with a guru" which by the way, blows me away! Thank you for breathing new life into this tune! You did a spectacular job! I wish you all the best of luck being successful on your journey with the new album "Flowerdelic"! Buy it! You won't be dissapointed.

New Album"Flowerdelic" が LEIM Records より2018年2月5日に発売です


英 Vinyl Factory に shinowa "Snow, Moon, Flowers" のレビューが掲載されました

WebVANDA に shinowa "Snow, Moon, Flowers" のレビューが掲載されました

米 BURGER RECORDS Compilation Cassette Tape
"Burger World Japan" に shinowa "Snow,Moon,Flowers" が収録されました

shinowa MV "Snow, Moon,Flowers" "Almost Certain" on YouTube

shinowa の 7インチシングル "Snow, Moon, Flowers / Almost Certain" のMVがYouTubeにて公開中です。"Snow, Moon, Flowers"は A-10 inc 木本健太氏、"Almost Certain"は 池下梨沙氏の製作です