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Mar 11, 2011
The earthquake happened in Japan. I did not have damage. I am energetic.

The damage of JA8,JA7,and JA1 area was large.

my shack Sep. 2001 ---> Jul. 2003

my antenna 2X6M7 up18m Feb. 2002

My Home
Do you know call area of JA

MP3 audio file of Recent QSO "60-270kB"

23 JUN 2010 EI5FK

20 JUL 2009 WZ8D

19 JUL 2009 LA8AJATNX my 1ST LA

16 JUL 2009 K6EID Georgia

16 JUL 2009 K4PI Georgia

25 JUN 2009 KH7Y 0648opening-10min QRO 1kW after qso wth JF2KOZ - 2.4MB

11 JUN 2009 KH7Y 6min B4 fade-out@1.5MB

21 MAY 2009 KH7Y

6 Oct@2002 LU3CM

10Jul1999 SM7FJE

21Jan2002 F5JKK

21Jan2002 F8GB

21Jan2002 G3JHMEGU6AJE

21Jan2002 GU6AJE

21Jan2002 HB9QQ but He said me you are not in the LOG.Why?

21Jan2002 HB9BZA
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