"You learn that what motivates one person may alienate another and that there are many different ways to achieve excellence. And you learn to draw on the talents of others and to balance your own weaknesses by relying on the advice of people who see things differently than you do." 




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Melvin R. Andrade, Ed.D.


 } AFT Report (PDF)  
 } NCAHE Report (PDF)
Action Research
Adult Learning Principles
Ageism in TESOL(2003)
Advising Counseling  More...
 } 9 Principles of Good Practice 
 } Core Principles (CSHE)
Bloom's Taxonomy (Wiki)
 } Clandfield (n.d. Macmillan)
 } Mind Matters (Australia)   
 } Rush (2003, 246 pp. PDF)
Copyright Law of Japan
 } Top  
 } Multimedia  
 } Print Media
Critical Thinking
 } What is Critical Thinking?
 } Universal Intellectual Standards
 } Higher Order Thinking Skills
 } Assessing Critical Thinking (PDF)
Cross-Cultural Issues
 } Book: Why Americans and
     Japanese Misunderstand Each
     Other (H. Yamada)

English Teaching News
 } British Council
 } ELT News Japan
 } One Stop English (Macmillan)
ELT Curriculum Guidelines
 } Can-Do List (TOEIC)
 } European Framework (PDF) 
          English    Japanese

Ethics in Teaching
 } Ethics in University Teaching (PDF)

FD  in Japan  (J)
GLAD     NIME    Hokkaido-U
 Hosei     Keio     Komazawa
NIAD     Sophia

Integrative Learning
"Fostering students' abilities to integrate learning--over time, across courses, and between academic, personal, and community life..."
 } Insights (Cobb, 2007)
 } Profiles (Apple) 

Mental Health (students)
 } College (Kitzrow, 2003 PDF)
 } Schools (UCLA database)
Multicultural Teaching Resources
   } Sleeter (2005)
Organizations (international)
   AAAL     ACTFL     BAAL    IRA 
   MLA       NCTE     TESOL 
Linguist List

Organizations (Japan)
 } JALT    
 } LET
 } Detecting Plagiarism

 } Minimizing Plagiarism (AUTC)

Reflective Teaching
 } Gebhard (2005, TESL-EJ)
 } Tice (n.d. British Council)
Satire & Humor
Service Learning
 } Overview (PPT)
 } National Clearinghouse (USA)
 } ICU Service Learning Center
 } Texas Center for Service Learning
 } Research & Resources (FacingFuture)
Teaching  Practices (general)
 } Tips (UCB)   
 } Tools (B. Davis)

Teacher Evaluation
 } Arizona   
 } Cornell   
 } U-Wash
 } Teacher Training Videos (Stannard)
 } Technology for Language

Higher Education: Internationalization and Globalization--Then and Now

"A look at the influence of globalization past, present, and future on higher education systems and institutions, incorporating past and current research and viewpoints of scholars and leaders."
(Univ. of Calif. Berkeley, Center for Studies in Higher Education. 86 minutes. Oct. 8, 2007)

What is Professional Development?

} Professional Development for Language Teachers. By Gabriel Diaz-Maggioli. ERIC 
  Digest. ED-FL-03-03, August 2003.(PDF) HTML

} Options for Teacher Professional Development. By Gabriel Diaz-Maggioli. English
  Teaching Forum.
April 2005, 2-21.(PDF)

} Professional Development for Language Teachers. Southwest Educational
  Development Laboratory. Austin, TX: SEDL. 1997. 99 pp. (PDF)

} What is Faculty Development? Professional and Organizational Development Network in
  Higher Education. Website. 2002.

} Teaching Teachers: Professional Development to Improve Student Achievement.
By the American Educational Association. Research Points: Essential Information for  
  Educational Policy. Summer 2005, 3(1). 4 pp. (PDF)

What Constitutes Good Teaching? 

Read a summary of Feldman's (1988) synthesis of 31 studies conducted at universities, four-year colleges, and 2-year colleges in the United States. LEARN Center. University of Wisconsin.

} Houston Community College publishes Instructional Faculty Evaluation and Workbook (rev. 2006, 27 pp., PDF), which is a set of documents covering topics such as "Best Practices for Self-Assessment" (pp. 17-22) and "Performance Reviewer Best Practices" (pp. 25-26). Many similar forms are available on the Web. Search "Faculty Evaluation Form(s)."

} What Makes a Good Teacher? (M. F. Hassett. 2000. Adventures in Assessment, 12, 9-12, PDF). "I've asked students around the country to describe their good teachers to me. Some of them describe people who lecture all the time, some of them describe people who do little other than facilitate group process . . . But all of them describe people . . . who connect themselves to their students, their students to each other, and everyone to the subject being studied" (Palmer 1999, p. 27, cited in Hassett p. 9).

Teaching Tips

} Teaching Tips Index. Covers 24 topics such as assessment, critical thinking, course design, motivation, stress, and dealing with difficult behaviors. Includes original material and links to external sites. Prepared by the Faculty Development Committee of Honolulu Community College.

} Rapport-Building: Creating Positive Emotional Contexts for Enhancing Teaching and Learning
by William Buskist and Bryan K. Saville (2001, APS Observer, v14 n3). "The ability to stimulate strong positive emotions in students separates the competent from the outstanding college teacher."

Essays and Books

} Essays on Teaching Excellence. Online. Over 40 essays covering learning strategies,  cooperative and collaborative learning, critical thinking, teaching philosophy, testing and grading, introductory and general educations, and technology. (Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Chicago. Accessed Sept. 10, 2007).

} What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain (Harvard Univ. Press, 2004). An "insightful look at what makes a great teacher, based on a study of three dozen teachers from a cross section of disciplines...Bain concludes that the quality of teaching is measured not by whether students pass exams but whether they retain the material to such an extent that it influences their thoughts and actions" (excerpt from a review by V. Bush retrieved Sept. 10, 2007, from amazon.com). Find on Amazon...

} Lives of Teachers Book List (1989-2004).
Prepared by the Lives of Teachers SIG of the
American Educational Research Association.

Online Open Access Journals

} International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
n open, peer-reviewed, international electronic journal devoted to improving "teaching  effectiveness, student learning outcomes, and the continuous transformation of academic cultures and communities."

} Journal of Natural Inquiry and Reflective Practice.
A refereed journal devoted to the values of thoughtful observation as an educational method, of description as a technique for understanding, and of lived experience as a source of knowledge construction."

} Nexus: A Journal for Teachers in Development.
This journal and affiliated Web site cover a wide range of topics dealing with the education, training, and development of teachers of English as a second or foreign language.

} Humanising Language Teaching.
Covers areas such as "the creative teaching of grammar, attentive listening comprehension, enjoyable reading, motivating speaking activities, teaching vocabulary effectively, creative writing, using music and fine arts in the classroom, drama work, group dynamics, dealing with difficulties, and preparing students for tests."

} Academe
This bimonthly magazine of the American Association of University Professors "analyzes higher education issues from faculty members' perspectives."

} American Academic  Policy journal of the American Federation of Teachers aiming to inform public policy by exploring ideas and viewpoints from academics, outside researchers, and policy makers. Each issue "focuses on a theme of critical concern and interest to higher education."

} Change.
Magazine of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. "Its focus is on contemporary issues in higher education, spotlighting trends, providing new insights and ideas, and analyzing the implications of educational programs, policies and practices."

Doing Formative Evaluation for Your Course?

Try this midterm course evaluation form (MS Word):  English version  Japanese version

Worth a Look

Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Presents Web-based portfolios in which university and college faculty investigate their teaching using the scholarly process.

Recommendations on Good Practices in Applied Linguistics.
Prepared by the British
  Association for Applied linguistics, these guidelines cover responsibilities to students,
  colleagues, informants, the public, etc. (2006, 17 pp.). (PDF)

} Standards to guide and improve the quality of program, personnel, and student
The Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (Western
  Michigan University) 2007.

Centers for Teaching and Learning (examples)

Berkeley Cornell


Stanford Others

ELT Downloads:

} "Managing English Use in the Classroom" (PPT, M. Andrade)
} "Group Discussion Score Sheet" (MS Word, M. Andrade)
} "Guidelines for Discussion" (rev.) (MS Word, M. Andrade)

 } Chronicle of Higher Education

 } Inside Higher Education  } AFT Higher Education

 } Carnegie Foundation for the
    Advancement of Teaching

 } Sophia University FD Website

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