CAS-5A(FO-118) Images-Decoder

● (No.1125) CAS-5A(FO-118) Images-Decoder (2022年2月27日)
CAS-5A User's Manual v2.0 pdf
CAS-5A User's Manual v2.1 pdf

1. Click Code(green) in github site -> Select "Download Zip"
2. Extract "" file
3. Run SDR#
4. Run hs_soundmodem.exe for FSK G3RUH 4800bd
5. Run command prompt
6. Input "CD C:\cas5a\CAS-5A-Images-Decoder-main\Windows builds\TCP-CAS-5A_Decoder"
7. Input "TCP-CAS-5A_Decoder.exe -p 8100 -ip"
8. Open IQ.wav file on SDR# (25-Feb-2023 001810.972 435.650MHz 000.wav)
9. Then, an image file named like "out_image_xx_xx_xx.jpg" is automatically generated
   in the working folder (TCP-CAS-5A_Decoder).

CAS-5A Images-Decoder Update
EROP@HRPTEgor updated the decoder to work with the new CAS-5A signal structure.

以前のCAS-5A衛星の録音ファイルを この updated decoder にかけると、エラー
新しい updated decoder である。 (2 Mar 2023)

CAS-5A Photo 07
Thanks to the decoder @knglaser, but also the hard work of @scott23192 and
@HRPTEgor, I have such a picture! I sent to satellite twice requesting *07#.
I saved the kss file and processed the decoder. SUCCESS !  @Tomasz SP5LOT

CAS-5A DTMF frequency
Up 145.975MHz / Down 435.650MHz
Is this frequency correct?

MSG1 from Scott, K4KDR
Yes - and the uplink (145.975) should be FM-narrow. The PDF manual says 'Deviation 3 kHz'.
CAS-5A hears the uplink VERY well. Tonight it heard my DTMF at only 5 deg elevation.
That is VERY low for my location.

MSG2 from Tomek, SP5LOT
All is correct.
But use decoder from
Enter into it the kiss file, which you will obtain, for example,
from the program getkiss. This decoder is able to collect data from
several data sessions of one photo and assemble into one. 
There is no chance that during one flight all the data will be perfect....


CAS-5A first successful access
IQ.wav saved by JE1CVL&JA3IKC, 3 Mar 2023
しかし下の cmd_prompt画面を見ると、衛星信号の構造と新しいdecoderとの



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