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Norikura Mountains are located around the center of Japan.
It takes a long way trip from Tokyo via the Central freeway.
There is a unique highway that climb up to almost top of the Norikura Mountains.

It reaches for 2700m(8900 feet!) high.
Snow may happen to be remaining in summer.
From the road, we will see clouds are lying beneath and

we can easily get a magnificent view that is only allowed to backpackers...

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RTSII, P135/2, RVP

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RTSII, P135/2, RVP

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RTSII, SP60/2.8, RVP

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RTSII, P135/2, RVP


We have red leaves in late Fall but Norikura have earlier.

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G1 Hologon, 400PR

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RTSII, ApoSonnar200, 100PR

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RTSII, ApoSonnar200, RDPIII

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Narai-syuku is a preserved historic town of hundreds years ago.
At that time, it was a way station between Tokyo(used to be called as Yedo) and the west cities of the era.
Such a town is located along Nakasendo road that is a historic road

similar to the Oregon Trail or R66 but much elder.

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G1 Hologon, 400PR

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