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On the epitaph,
"Here lies John Sycosh, Under his own destiny, born in Hungary and died in Japan.
A man with his special talent, endeavor and strong will.
He gave me all but nothing want, Oh his blue eyes, gentle voice and arms.
Who will think about this great man if I go?"

His wife, Itoe







The Yokohama Foreigner's cemetery
Yokohama is a huge port city near Tokyo and it used to be a portal place of Japan at the turning point of Japanese history (almost a half century long from 1867).
The time was the farewell to the samurai period and turn into the modern age,
very drastically change for Japan.
At that time of the history, many foreigners (especially American, British , German and other Westerners ) came here and they brought modern technologies and modern way of life, culture.

Some of them were never returned to their home country and they have been rest in peace at the hillside of Yamate, Yokohama. This place is so called as The Yokohama Foreigner's Cemetery and here lies over four thousands person from over forty countries.
There are many different shape of graves and it represents the Yokohama was a crossroad of various culture.
Today, many Japanese go there to see the trace of the modern age of Japan.
(*The place is not open to the public except for special open day)

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