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Camera equipment Shop around Tokyo area.

I am Japanese and I live in Tokyo.
I have been a member of some English photo mailing lists and I've found there is an interest to the Japanese camera stores, how to buy cameras in Japan.
It is a good idea to buy cameras if you have a chance to visit Tokyo, Japan.
Because cameras here are even cheaper than the gray market price in other country at a time. You could also save an airfare.
And there is a vast market of vintage camera(like Leica, Rollei, Alpa...) in Tokyo, you have a good chance to find it out.
Last, we have a good photo opportunity in addition to camera shopping.

1. Tokyo sub-urb - "everyday low price"

Fujiya Camera
Paying method: they will accept major credit card but you have to pay small extra handling charge

Fujiya offers vast stocks of used camera and also provide brand new one at a very cheap price.

Fujiya is located at Nakano.
From Tokyo, take Chuuo kaisoku line (red/orange colored train), go to NAKANO(Do not get off at HIGASHI-NAKANO, similar name). It is 5th stop and will take 18 minutes. 'kaisoku' means rapid train - be careful, there is a local Chuuo line which is yellow one. If you are enjoying electric shopping at Akihabara, take the yellow Chuuo line.

From the Nakano station, take north exit and there is a large space in front of the station. find a bank and soba-restaurant out at the right corner of the space. take the narrow corridor between them and turn right at the next cross street. Fujiya is there, just 3 minutes from the station.
See map:

Sanpo Camera
Payment method: they will not accept any credit cards.

IMO, Sanpo offers lowest price in most case, but depended on the items Fujiya or Map camera offers lower price. Instead of that, Sanpo is located inconvenience place.

To get to Sanpou, go Shibuya at first and take Toyoko line (silver color with red line). get off at GAKUGEIDAI station. from there your hardest trip begin :) I am not kidding - it is difficult to explain.
It is located 15 minutes away from the GAKUGEIDAI. good luck!

See Map:

They have a map but written in Japanese.

2. Shinjyuku area - big camera stores
Coming soon.

3. Ginza area - good for vintage cameras
Coming soon.

4. Other area -
Coming soon(?)

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*Note: There are no street names to specify locations in Japan.
So it is difficult to find a cross street address here. Like `cross street of Manhattan Blvd. & Ocean Ave.`.


Great photo opportunity  in/near Tokyo

After you've finished your shopping. You may want to take several photo with your new equipments.
Here are some good place to use your new toys.

West of Shinjyuku - skyscrapers
Skyscrapers buildings in Japan are build on limited location, you know, Japan is so famous for the earthquake.
At the west of Shinjyuku station, you will find skyscrapers.This is walking distance to Shinjyuku camera stores.
My photos of Biogon28 page were taken at the west-shinjyuku.

Asakusa - another face of Tokyo
Coming soon.

In case you do not have enough time to reach Kyoto, visiting Kamakura is another great idea for you. Kamakura is not so large as Kyoto, but Kamakura is very closed to Tokyo and it is one of the great historical city in Japan.
This is recommended plan for quick tour
Please remember, many temples will not make a grant to take a photo with a tripod/monopod. Taking a photo without a tripod/monopod is OK.
And most temples will close at 4:30 - 5:00PM. entry fee for some temples are required (100- 300 yen).

Mt. Fuji.
Coming soon.

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