US Kenya and Tanzania embassy blast 1998.8.7

Date: 12 Aug 1998 10:54:15 GMT
Organization: africaonline


Fourteen suspects, all foreigners, have been arrested in connection with the bombing of the United States embassy in Tanzania, police said Tuesday. The suspects, six Sudanese nationals, six Iraqis, one Somali and one Turki were arrested in Dar es Salaam according to police spokesman, Aden Mwamunyange.

Among the Sudanese, is a 32-year-old man who works for the Saudi Arabia embassy in Tanzania and four are visitors to Tanzania. Mwamunyange named some of the Iraqi suspects as civil workers, an engineers, a teacher, a computer and telecommunication technician.

The Somalia claimed to be a worker for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Tanzania. The spokesman, told a press conference on behalf of the Inspector General of Police that the suspects are under interrogation but may be released if nothing is found against them.

Mwamunyange said the suspects, divided into four groups according to their nationalities, are being questioned to establish whether or not they were involved in the bomb blast. The blast, caused by a bomb planted under a water tanker, killed 10 people nine Tanzanians and one Kenyan, injured more than 70 others and damaged a lot of property, including buildings and motor vehicles.

He said the task force of the Tanzania Police Force and FBI have jointly intensified security measures at all facilities in the country including surroundings and US embassy and other embassies.


The embassy of the United States in Dar es Salaam has resumed operation at the resident of an embassy staff. An official told a press conference that the embassy was operating to deal with urgent issues while the investigation by more than one hundred US Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, bomb and forensic experts goes on. He confirmed that seven American staff in the embassy were injured but none was killed in the bomb attack.

Date: 11 Aug 1998 13:12:32 GMT
Organization: africaonline

kenya community abroad condemns bombings


> The Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA) condemns, in the strongest possible

> terms, the bombings at US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar Es

> Salaam, Tanzania. Through swift action and international cooperation,

> the perpetrators of this heinous crime must be pursued and apprehended.

> They must be made to pay for this atrocious crimes against innocent

> civilians! The fact that the bombings took place during working hours,

> means that the bombers intended to exact maximum human carnage. There

> is no cause of justice, political pursuit, or revenge, that would justify

> such inhuman acts. They must be condemned for what they represent:

> terrorism. The acts must be punished with the ultimate punishment they

> call for.


> Mostly, innocent people died in the bombings and many more were injured.

> The majority of the affected were ordinary civilians, going about their

> business. They were people working in offices, studying in classes,

> riding in commuter buses, walking on the streets, running errands, and

> many such daily human pursuits. We extend our heartfelt condolences to

> their families, friends and relatives. In this time of mourning, we call

> on all our people to coalesce in these moments of grief. We wish speedy

> recovery to the injured. We, your fellow citizens and friends outside of

> Kenya stand with you at this time of grief, in shock, anger, prayers,

> and well wishes. May God bless and comfort all the affected families.


> Undoubtedly, these acts have overwhelmed an already burdened health care

> systems in both countries. We call on the international community to

> help with medical supplies and expertise to help save lives and

> rehabilitate those injured. We applaud the many ordinary citizens

> who plunged in the rubble to help dig out those buried underneath,

> and the many others who offered their services to comfort the injured,

> including transporting them to hospital. Such Kenyans and Tanzanians,

> epitomize the best of our nations, the future for our citizens, and the

> dream of all young Kenyans and Tanzanians. A dream of a united nation

> devoid of polarity, propelled by the knowledge that we MUST help each

> other to survive. After all our nations will always be as strong as the

> weakest citizen, and as happy as the saddest one.


> It is clear that the bombings targeted US Embassies in both countries.

> However, the main casualties were nationals of these countries. We urge

> that such grudges be fought outside our borders. Kenyans and Tanzanians

> abhor terrorism and hate to know that their territories became grounds

> for a cause not known to them nor connected with their lives.


> As we mourn, letsi remember that terrorism wantonly exacts a huge price

> on human life. It cannot be justified and must be fought on all fronts.

> Our call is for the international community to close ranks in the fight

> against these criminals that perpetuated these acts.


> Issued on behalf of KCA members by


> Matunda Nyanchama, President

> Justus Wanga, Vice-President

> Kariuki Njenga, Secretary

> Sam Imbo, Treasurer

> Constance Mugalla, Assistant Secretary

> Omwega Marwanga, Assistant Treasurer

Date: 11 Aug 1998 10:42:40 GMT
Organization: africaonline


Tanzanian police have arrested three separate groups of suspected terrorists over last Friday's bomb blast at the US embassy in Dar es Salaam. The identitries of the suspects were not immediately available but sources indicated they were of Sudanese, Egyptian and Iraqi nationalities.

The Tanzanian police sources said four agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation were called in and despatched to the interrogating centre downtown to help in the questioning the suspects.

Tanzanian Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Rajab Adadi, declined to confirm or refute the allegations but promised to speak to the press today.

But police commissioner, Wilson Mwansasu confirmed that they had made some arrests but declined to say how many. In Nairobi, Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi told reporters on Sunday that investigators were following "a few leads" in connection with the Nairobi blast. But he too did not give details.


Former Tanzania president Julius Nyerere yesterday described the terrorist bombing in Nairobi and Dar last Friday as " sad, terrible and senseless". "I don't think that those who bombed the US embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi aimed at killing Tanzanians and Kenyans. But, because it happened in our countries the majority of the victims are our citizens," said a sad Nyerere.

He said that Tanzania could not isolate itself as an island of peace and safety from international hazards like terrorist attacks. "It had never happened (in this country) but here it is now", said the former head of state noting that there was no any Tanzanian reason which could have led to that tragedy."

The ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi has also condemned international terrorism for the bomb attack which claimed 10 lives in Tanzania and left over 50 persons injured. According to a statement issued by the ruling party, its Central Committee met yesterday under the chairmanship of President

Benjamin Mkapa to discuss, among other matters, the security situation in the country following the bombing of the US embassy. The party has sent condolences and messages of sympathy to bereaved families and injured survivors of the blast. Similar messages were sent to Kenya's ruling party, KANU, and the United States government by the CCM Central Committee.


President Benjamin Mkapa has called for concerted action against international terrorism because it knows no borders and its victims transcend boundaries. Speaking with Ambassador Seung Kook Byun of the Republic of Korea at the State House yesterday, the President said that international terrorists must be hunted down and exposed so as to stop their inhuman activities.

Mkapa made the remarks when the ambassador called on him to to bid farewell at the end of his three year period of duty to Tanzania. The ambassador condemned the perpetrators of this barbaric act and also called on the international community to fight terrorism.


The Sudanese government has condemned the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, according to the the state news agency . External relations minister Mustafa Uthman Isma'il described the incidents as regrettable.


The European Commission President has expressed chock at the blasts that claimed more than 200 lives in two African countries. Jacques Santer said in a short telegram addressed to United States President Bill Clinton: On behalf of the European Commission, I wish to express our deep shock at the news of the explosions near the US embassy. Please extend our deepest sympathy to the families of those killed and injured."

Explosive devices were detonated late last week near the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 202 people including 12 American nationals and injuring more than 4,000 others. The commission is currently in its month-long summer recess.


China has condemned the terrorist attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, a foreign ministry spokesman said Monday. The spokesman Tang Guoqiang was reacting to the two explosions which occured last Friday, causing great loss in human lives and property. "The Chinese government and people condemn such terrorist acts and send condolences to the victims and their families," Tang said, adding "we hope that the international community will make joint efforts to check all terrorist acts."

Date: 10 Aug 1998 09:37:11 GMT
Organization: africaonline


President Benjamin Mkapa denounced the car bomb attack on the United States Embassy as "evil, inhuman and despicable" following a brief inspection of the scene Sunday afternoon. Mkapa said that the perpetrators of the bombing did not wish well the cordial relations between the U.S. and Tanzania. "The enemy of the U.S. is the enemy of Tanzania," said an angry Mkapa, who was accompanied by the US Charge d'Affaires John Lange. "Tanzania will cooperate with the U.S. to bring those terrorists to justice." Claiming Tanzania puts the safety of the foreign missions on its high agenda, the President pledged sterner measures to be taken to prevent them from any possible terrorist attacks. Later Mkapa inspected the adjacent embassies of Nigeria and France which also suffered damages and injuries during the Friday car bomb explosion at the entrance of the US embassy premises.

He also visited the well-equipped Muhimbili Medical Centre where 63 Tanzanians, all civilians, have been admitted following the bombing and 10 of them have died as of Sunday afternoon. Eighteen others were admitted to the private run Aga Khan Hospital and most of them have been discharged after being treated.


President Benjamin Mkapa has promised swift action to track down those responsible for bombing US embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya in coordinated attacks. Mkapa said his government was working with the US embassy in Dar es Salaam to track down the perpetrators of the crime. "We are going to unearth all this. We are going to cooperate with the US embassy staff on this and when we do we are going to take very stern measures indeed," Mkapa told journalists. Ten people were killed in the bomb attack in Dar es Saalam which went off only minutes after a similar explosion in Kenya in which 174 were killed.

Date: 07 Aug 1998 18:10:21 GMT
Organization: Africaonline

The death toll has risen to 60 in today's bombing at the US embassy here, Kenya officials confirmed here. They said 1000 others were seriously injured and both injyured and other dead are still trapped under debris of the Ufundi House which collapsed to the ground.
Among those injured were minister of trade, Joseph Kamotho, whose office is in the 26 storey Co-operative House which is now a standing shell. Kamotho has been admitted in hospital but is reported in stable condition.

Date: 07 Aug 1998 14:59:28 GMT
Organization: Africaonline

15 people were killed here today and more than 400 injured including US
ambassador Prudence Bushnell in a huge bomb blast.
Reports say the blast went off at Ufundi house next to the embassy in@downtown Nairobi.
The building collapsed to the ground from the blast which also ripped out bomb proof doors and windows at the embassy building. Three floors of the 26 storey Co-operative House were destroyed. Many people are trapped under the collapsed building and cranes have been brought in to remove the mounds of debris to rescue the injured and remove the dead. Ten of the dead were in buses passing by. Hospitals are reportedly full and staff on leave have been urgently recalled. The city has come to a standstill with worried relatives and friends anxious over the fate of those who were in the buidlings affected by the blast.

Five people were killed today in a huge bomb blast at the US embassy in Dar es Salaam and more than 50 injured.There was extensive damage to the embassy building, with reports saying two thirds of it was damaged by an apparent car bomb. One report said the scene was like a war zone, with rubble, broken glass all over the place.

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