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   On the following list are photo albums =slide show= in various fields which are taken by the author. Sorry but they are written in Japanese only.
   Anyway, the slide shows start automatically after you click one of the album titles, so you can see them without touching any button after that.
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Scenery of Tokyo, Yokohama and around.
  • Scenery of Yokohama and around.
Matsuri = Traditional and modern festival in Tokyo and around
Matsuri 8.
  • The festival of Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine in October,20th '07.
  • The festival of the inhabitants of the Kohtoh ward in October,21th '07.
Matsuri 7.
  • The festival of Akasaka Hikawa Shrine in September,16th '07.
  • The local festival of Komae Izumi Shrine in September,16th '07.
  • The festival of Sumida Ushijima Shrine in September,14-16th '07.
Matsuri 6.
  • The Hamaori festival at Chigasaki in July,16th '07.
Seventh night of July
  • The Shohnan Hiratuka Star Festival = Seventh night of July at Hiratuka City in July,8th '07.
  • The Shitamachi Star Festival = Seventh night of July at Kappabashi street in July,8th '07.
Matsuri 5.
  • The festival of Kappabashi Yasaki Shrine in June,17th '07.
  • The lion mask with tooth black of the festival of Tsukiji Namiyoke shrine in June,10th '07.
  • The night festival of Torigoe shrine in June,10th '07.
Matsuri 4.
  • The procession of oiran =the geisha of the first rank= in the festival of Shinagawa shrine in June,9th '07.
  • The little shrine of the festival of Ohsaki Kibune shrine in June,9th '07.
  • The festival of Shinagawa Ebara Shrine in June,3rd '07.
  • The festival of Yotsuya Suga Shrine in June,3rd '07.
  • The festival of Sakaki Shrine, Kuramae Shrine etc. in June,3rd '07.
Matsuri 3.
  • The festival of Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine in May,27th '07.
  • The festival of Ueno Gojou Shrine in May,27th '07.
  • The festival of Yushima Shrine in May,26th and 27th '06.
  • The parade of Sanja Matsuri, the festival of Asakusa Shrine in May,18th '07.
Matsuri 2.
  • The parade and portable shrines of the festival of Kanda Shrine in May,12th and 13th '07.
  • The festival of Shitaya Shrine in May,12th '07.
Matsuri 1.
  • The large kite festival at Sagamihara in May,6th '07.
  • The international fancy-dress parade of Yokohama port festival in May,3rd '07.
  • The daimyo's procession of Hakone in November,3rd '06.
  • The parade of Tokyo age festival in November,3rd '06.
The flower festival in Tokyo and around
Flower fair 4.
  • The morning glories fair at Iriya Shingen Temple in July,8th '07.
Flower festival 3.
  • Bunkyo hydrangea festival at Hakusan Shrine in June,17th '07.
  • Koiwa iris garden in June,10th '07.
Flower festival 2.
  • Wistaria in Kameido Tenjin Shrine in April,30th '07.
  • Azalea in Nezu Shrine in April,30th '07.
Flower festival 1.
  • Cherry blossoms in Shinjuku Imperial Gardens in April,8th '07.

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