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Silkroad1-3 Xi'an

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(pic01) Xi'an airport, which was goal of travel in '99 and was starting point in '98.
(pic02) I was told that the chimneys of the Three-Miles style seen in a cornfield in the vicinity of the airport was Weishui thermal power station.
(pic03) Big and small, various old tomb groups were scattered in the field.
(pic04-07) The name of a place here about is called Xianyang. A large amount of statues of troops which height 50cm digging out from the vicinity had been exhibited in the Xianyang Museum.
(pic08) Open air markets familiar in China standed in a row in the roadside.
(pic09-13) There were three roofs like the gym queued up in Terracotta Warriors. There prohibited taking a picture though troops as big as 2m were uniting the file. I would like you to imagine it from the replicas and the photograph on the wall of the souvenir shop.
(pic14) The miniature of the wagon that also left from the soil was in the lobby at the hotel.
(pic15) There was a Shih-huang-di mausoleum that had not been excavated yet near by so that Terracotta Warriors were made to guard Shih-huang-di's aunt's grave I hear. Trees can be seen near by are pomegranate which fruits are the local special product.
(pic16-19) Huaqing Pool is a villa with hot spring which is said that the Emperor Xuanzong made for his concubine Yang Guifei. Rulers of the following era also used it as a summer resort. Chiang Kai-shek was arrested by the communism army in the hillback here.
(pic20) We enjoyed our meal in the night theater at night.
(pic21) The entire town was enclosed with the rampart and the outside moat in old China. At Xi'an and Jingzhou only remains those aspects.




















(pic22-25) There are only four gates to enter in the City, north, south, east, and west. We saw one of them, the west City Wall. The ramparts were thicker than the imaginations as the embankment. The entrance of the City Wall was so narrow that can not be able to pass each other by the wagon, after crossing the drawbridge. In addition, there were barriers where all sides were walled in the inside, so it was not an easy thing that you got in through a double gate, and entered in the city. There was an old silkroad outside the window when climbing the City Wall. With what emotion did ancient travelers start on a journey from here?
(pic26-32) The perpendicular staircase led in Big Wild Goose Pagoda. A straight road continued toward all sides and to the end of the world when seeing from the upper layer.
(pic33) The buses having two stories were became not unusual in the large city which once been the specialty in Hong Kong. However, because the signal is few here, bicycles don't give way to cars in the intersection.
(pic34-36) It was the Forest of Stone Steles Museum to have collected the stone monument that lay scattered in suburbs to one place. It might be good for the person who likes calligraphy. I could not understand well what were written on those on the rainy evening.
(pic37) There was an amusement park with the roller coaster in Xi'an though it was an extra.
(pic38-39) The first class waiting room at Xi'an station was dim but quiet and comfortable. We headed Luoyang with soft-sitting (first class) car having two stories.

      (September 1999)
      (pic8,10-12,14,16,17,27,and 33-39 September 1998)














(September 1998 and 1999)

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