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for Java Noiz(Java version) ver. 0.5 (c) Kenta Cho(ABA."Saba")

Noiz screen shot Avoid all incoming shots, and go toward the next level.

There is also the Palm version.

How to play

Put your mouse pointer on the applet screen, and avoid incoming shots. When you(your mouse pointer) get hited by the shot, a miss count is incremented. Avoid all shots for a while, and you can go to the next level.

System Requirements

Noiz will probably works on browsers with Java VM. I checked it worked fine on Netscape Communicator 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5(on Windows98).

If you use Netscape Communicator and access the Noiz applet pages through proxy, it will not work(because of security reason).

If Noiz doesn't work well on some browser, please mail to


There are 3 types of Noiz applet page. If the first one is too heavy to work on your computer, selects the lower one.

Source file

You can download the Noiz(Java version) source file from here.


I referd to these pages when I tried to make Noiz(Java version).


If you have some comments, please mail to

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