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for Palm Noiz ver. 1.0 (c) Kenta Cho(ABA."Saba")

Noiz screen shot Avoid all incoming shots, and go toward the next level.

There is also the Java Applet version.

How to play

When the title comes to screen, tap the [Start] button.

Put your pen(stylus) on the Palm screen, and avoid incoming shots. When you(your pen) get hited by the shot, a miss count is incremented. Avoid all shots for a while, and you can go to the next level.

To exist Noiz, simply go to another application.(e.g., tap the home button) When you run Noiz again, you can restart from the level where you leave Noiz. To restart from level 1, tap the [Reset] button on the title screen.

System Requirements

Noiz will probably works on all Palm platforms. I checked it worked fine on my IBM WorkPad c3.

If Noiz doesn't work well on some Palm platform, please mail to


Noiz is a free software. You can download it from here(source code is also available).


If you have some comments, please mail to

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