Let's Form A Human Circle
Around The Tokyo Immigration Bureau!

[ Action ]

We'll encircle the Tokyo Immigration Bureau by a human chain ! We'll hand in a letter of demands to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, with our requests towards internationalization of the country keeping the rules of Human Rights. Would each group and individual be ready to make your own appeals?

[ Date and Time ]

Wednesday, March 16 2005, at 15:00-20:00.

[ Venue ]


(5-5-30 Konan, Minato-ku TOKYO tel 03-5796-7111)

BY Bus from JR Shinagawa sta.

All over Japan at this moment, there are 1,435 foreigners detained in different asylums. For example, in Ushiku City Ibaragi-ken, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, Ibaragi City Osaka, Oomura Nagasaki-ken etc., people including refugees, spouses of Japanese nationals, even those who need medical treatment are forced to stay there.
From the human circle we call out:

Let Japan stop detaining foreigners as quickly as possible!
Visas to children, families and long-term stayers!
Quickly make Japan a country that is kind to the refugees!
Build up a multi-cultural society without any discrimination!
Make Japan a diplomatic country to stop persecutions in other countries
...the country that makes world peace come true
...the country that becomes internationalized by keeping the rules of human rights ..Right Now!
...We wish that the 1,435 foreigners in compulsory detention will come back to us crossing the rainbow bridge ...

[ the draft of the contents of our letter of demands ]

to release (temporarily) at once the refugee applicants, those who have families,
long-term stayers, and those who need medical care (the sick and injured)
to give special residence permit to the children, families and long-tern stayers
to promote receiving refugees and protect them from the persecutors to make a law
to prohibit racial discrimination, and aim at becoming a multicultural society
to stop the countries where they persecute their people to do so, and exercise such
diplomacy to make peace

[Things to be brought ]

Anything that has something to do with RAINBOW is welcome. Placards, music, instruments ...Songs, dances, ... We aim at creating a multicultural space...