N.W.A. International Tag Team Title
Since Baba & Inoki teamed, it was without a doubt the strongest team in the history. The team was called "B-I Cannon," and their reign as International Tag Team champions between October,1967 and December,1971 was a golden era of the JWA.

B-I Cannon defeated Bill Watts & Tarzan Tyler on 10/31/67 at Osaka Prefectural Gym to become the 9th champion.

Their fourth reign ended when they lost the title to the Funk Brothers(Dory Jr. & Terry) on 12/07/71. Soon after, Inoki was expelled from JWA, and the B-I Cannon broke up with a record of 162wins, 14 losses and 6 draws out of 182 matches.

This title was later continued by All Japan Pro-Wrestling and was unified with PWF World Tag Team Title in 1988 and became World Tag Team Title, which is now the main tag team title of All Japan.

See the detailed history of the title, courtesy of The Great Hisa's Puroresu Dojo.

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