All Asia Tag Team Title
After Tokyo Pro closed, Inoki returned to JWA. At the time, the titles in JWA were NWA International Heavyweight, NWA International Tag Team, and All Asia Tag Team titles. International Tag Team Title was held by Giant Baba & Michiaki Yoshimura, and All Asia Tag Team Title was held by Kintaro Ohki & and Yoshimura. However, Ohki vacated the title with an injury by automobile accident, and Yoshimura chose Inoki as his new partner.

Yoshimura & Inoki defeated Ike Eakins on 05/26/67 at Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center to become the new champions. After defending the title three times, Inoki became a main eventer of JWA and won International Tag Team Title with Baba and vacated the All Asia title.

Yoshimura & Inoki held the title in total of two years and nine monthes with a record of 22 wins and 2 draws out of 24 matches.

See the detailed history of the title, courtesy of The Great Hisa's Puroresu Dojo.

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