United States Heavyweight Title
During the Tokyo Pro-Wrestling days, Inoki's biggest rival was Johnny Valentine, and they had several great matches. Inoki, who defeated Valentine in the opening card of Tokyo Pro at Kuramae Kokugikan on 10/12/66, challenged Valentine for the U.S. Heavyweight Title on 10/25 at Miyagi Prefecture Sports Center in Sendai. The match ended as a 60 minute time limit draw, but Inoki challenged for the title again on 11/19 at Osaka Stadium, won the title after a tough match. Inoki defended the title for seven times against Valentine, Stan Stasiak, Steve Stanley, Mysterious Medico, and Eddie Graham. The title was abandoned when Tokyo Pro closed and Inoki returned to JWA.

There were so many versions the "United States Heavyweight Title" throughout North America, and two of the most significant versions during this time were San Francisco and Detroit versions. However, Valentine held neither version during this time.

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