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1 year 1 quarter(2/1/1997-4/30/1997)

  • Keeping in good health, Mizuo becomes 1 year old. She begins to show her emotions. Rapid development of emotion with anger is surprizing. She throws out everything when she gets angry.
  • Begins to walk. At first, just a few steps is enough. A hard work to pass even a 5 centimeters-height step. Parents watch her steps carefully otherwise she would get stumbled.
  • Begins showing strenger fear. She cries when she is hugged by people other than her parents.
  • Understands the word "Kutsushita (socks)", "Boshi (Cap)". She point out various things while murmuring the word "Tette (hand)"
  • She has meal three times a day. Meals are the same as parents. Before sleeping and tea time, she gets milk from mother.
  • She have gotten DTP triple immunization twice. At first time, she suddenly began to cry just after the injection. At second time, she began to cry when she caught the sight of a Doctor in white cloths. Imagination gives fear.
  • The last breast feeding was 10th March, due to the termination of milk production of Yasue, Mizuo's mother.
  • Mizuo was catching a cold for two dayes from 11th March. Unlike the adult's case, she feels good while catching a cold and having fever.
  • Mizuo began to play with other friends. Childeren led by mother enjoy playing. Sometimes one of them points out a direction, they walk to the direction together. Sometimes they touch each other. Sometimes babbling meaningless words.
  • Mizuo began to walk on the way to Toride station when seeing off her father every morning. At first walking 20 meter was enough. Day by day she can walk longer and longer. She can walk without a help of parents and can step over a 10 centimeter-height steps.
  • Mizuo enjoys to taste drinks by keeping it in the mouth. Sometimes she spit it and enjoys seeing parents losing their temper.
  • Mizuo let Yasue read some picture books every night. After the reading picture books, she fell into sleep be hearing a nursery song called "Yurikago no Uta (song of craddle)".
  • Mizuo begins to pronunciate multi syllable phrases. Before April, repeating same syllables were usual. She begins to combine different syllables and make a long phrases. Although these syllables are not Japanese or other languages and seems to have no relationships between denominant and denominee, her language is enjoyable and make parents' ear happy.
  • Mizuo is a button pushing addict. "Open" and "close" button in a elevator, buttons in a stereo set, keyboards. Every buttons are her targets. Especially she likes button with lighting or sounding reactions. Parents are heavily bothered by Mizuo, when they use a computer keyboard. Mizuo tries to push any key in the keyboard and this gives some illegal operations to the computre.
  • When Mizuo wants something, she extends her right hand and opens and closes her palm. Parents know she wants something but cannot specify what she wants. At the last of April, she learns to point what she wants with her finger. A progress to show her intention.
  • She had a fever for two days from 14th April, 4 days after the polio vaccination. It was just a ordinary cold, not a side effect of polio vaccination.

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