Sister car of AZ-1, SUZUKI CARA

AZ-1 has a sister car , though a few , CARA made by SUZUKI. The biggest difference of them is to add a fog lump filled in front-bumper, so as it is, it costs more. The original AZ-1 has the connector of fog lump for CARA .

There is another differences between AZ-1 and CARA. At first CARA has no specially model for cold area, fender mirror type, and ABS equipped model. as accessories it has only primary key (the more expensive one oh two keys). Though using the same parts, some prices are differ (for example, on board implement). About this, the reason turned out in compared parts catalog of AZ-1 with that of CARA.

This parts catalog seems to be made by MAZDA. The ground is to have no fog lump on front bumper in the chart and that the brush of this chart is the same as that in the parts catalog of another car made by MAZDA.

Illustration from parts catalog : left - AZ-1, right - CARA
For some reason queer line is seen on bonnet to CARA.

It is interesting point that though parts catalog of AZ-1 and CARA use the same chart basically some of them are different, especially about that of engine.

Illustration from parts catalog : left - AZ-1, right - CARA

There may be gap because it is drown with illustration scale and modified to suit their parts control system, though it seems to be written in hand from its style. And as to parts catalog itself MAZDA's one is better made. The reason is to be well bound, includes many charts (MAZDA-130 / SUZUKI-108), and be easy to see because of big chart. Now both of tem are difficult to get, but if possible, MAZDA's one is the better.