AZ-1 at the time of the motor show



This AZ-500 (TYPE A) is the former model of AZ-1. You will know from the name of the car that it has 550cc engine. At the time of the motor show, the small sized light cars were limited with 550cc of exhausted gas. Therefore, the size of this car is standardized with 550cc model and its size is smaller than the small AZ-1.

The biggest point which differs from AZ-1 is that the AZ-550 has retractable head lights. The reason that AZ-1 has no retractable head lights is to make body strength up by fixing the lights . However this change is greatly regrettable.

In detail, around the meter of AZ-550 differs from AZ-1. AZ-550 TYPE A has independent ocelot meter. Also its air-in-take in engine room has shallow carve, when it compares with AZ-1. The bumper in front also has slightly different form.



AZ-550 TYPE B is the car which was presented in the motor show at same time. The theme of this car is "High-tuned pure sports", and its black body and two mufflers let us associate Spartan run. Also this car is the only car which doesn't have Gulling in AZ-550, so you can say this car is the most orthodox type from different view point. The combination lamps in rear are also pretty bigger than the other types of AZ-550.



Next one is AZ-550(TYPE C), the nickname is petit-C car. If the nickname of AZ-550 TYPE A is "chore-Q", TYPE C is like "YSR 50" which is the model of bike. This car is made like real C car in details all over(of course this is an imitation). Air-funnel in engine room is also made like real C car.

Among these model cars in the motor show, TYPE A model was mass-produced as AZ-1 finally. I knew that TYPE C had certain popularity, however TYPE A was decided to produce because to be thought that this type is the most acceptable in general.