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Preface to "100 Phrases for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One"

"100 Phrases for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One" was written with the
purpose to empower and comfort those who have encountered the death of
someone they love, and are stricken with an extreme sorrow that they
have never faced before.

For those who are here now, alive and in pain, and crying tears of blood...
For those who have been crushed by the loss of love, and lost faith in
everything... And for those with a deep, pure love which has now become
a life's heavy burden...

I can't say all of what's written here is true for everyone. I put forth
these phrases with the deepest sincerity, however, in hopes to bring about
a brief yet significant time of peace and healing to those who have been
torn apart by the death of a loved one.

Phrases appearing in the following pages do not represent any particular
religion or organizations - they have been written based strictly on my
own personal feelings and experiences.

1997.2.12 Kei Nakahara

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