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JPEG photographs (30KB * 4)
Cembalo (Harpsichord): Historical model after Couchet
one-manual: 8' (front, back), 4'
A=415 Hz
manufactured by Akira Kubota, 1991

JPEG photographs (20KB * 2)
Renaissance recorder: Ganassi type

soprano in c, alto in g
A=440, 415 Hz
manufactured by Yuzuru Fukushima, 1992

JPEG photographs (20KB * 2)
Baroque recorder: after Gahn

alto in f, A=415 Hz
manufactured by Jun Tsukada, 1991

JPEG photograph (20KB + 11KB)

And others
updated 96.9.16

Oh, our shame, ...!

The beginning of Sonata composed by Giovanni Paolo Cima

AU file (360KB)
renaissance recorder: aHO
cembalo: Oneh-san
A=415 Hz

The beggining of Toccata composed by Giovanni Picchi

AU file (100KB)
cembalo: Oneh-san
A=415 Hz

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