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@p~su|{yz, @|u{p~t [Arkhangelsky, Aleksandr] (Russia) 1846-1924

  • Alexander Arkhangelsky
    Dz~ u (Dostoyno yest') -- It Is Truly Fitting
    SATBa cappella
    ^The Moscow Conervatory Students Choir(Boris Tevlin) -Moscow State Conservatory

    Ix Pu~y u{r~ |wq --From the "Chants for Church Services"
    1888 SATBa cappella
    oMusica Russica

    K~u t| p -- Choral Concerto
    a cappella
    1K Astyu y|uw~ ~~u yuu}
    2T|y q|ux~y
    3Ku p~yu| ru ru|u~~
    4M|yr |y { Ct
    5B{ } y~| uy
    6K {} rxy, B|ptyu?
    7Cty, |y }|yr }
    8Suqu, Asp, rp|y}
    9P}y|z ~p, Cty
    10My|uty truy ruxy ~p}
    11Vrp|yu Ctp ~uqu No.1
    12O, u|pt{yz y ruutz Iyu
    13B~y, Awu, }|yr }
    14C|p} }y} { Ct rxxrpGlasom moim ko GhospoduI cry aloud with my voice unto the Lord
    15Nu y}p} y~ }y
    16Awu, r y} Sru py }
    17P}| tu~ p~zPomyshlyayu den strashniyI Think upon the fearful Day
    18O, Buup Mpy
    19As ~p} yquwyu y y|p
    21R r~y yxyp, qsy yu}|Thou that lock down from on high
    22B~ustp {quy }y
    23B ~uqu
    24Np u{p Bpry|~{y
    25Gyuz{u }u
    26Vrp|yu Ctp ~uqu No.2
    27A|pwu~ }w No.1
    28A|pwu~ }w No.2
    30A|pwu~ px}urpz ~p ~yp y qspPsalm 41: Blessed is he that considers the poor
    30Musica Russica==not_in_library
    CPDL1To the Theotokos Let Us Now Eagerly Make Haste
    CPDL17Pomislayu Den Strasniy
    ^17Chamber Choir Lege Artis(Boris Abalyan) -BEAUX
    17The Moscow Conervatory Students Choir(Boris Tevlin) -Moscow State Conservatory
    17,21,30Chamber Choir "Lege Artis"(Boris Abalyan) -Sony Classical
    No.14 :y^ȀimFB

    CjV `̍ȉɖ߂
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