New Cantatas and Madrigals
CD No.購入番号(P)
CD 638CA1541992
Music:Jocob Druckman
11.Shake off your heavy trance
22.The faery beam upon you
33.Death, be not proud
44.Corinna's going a-maying
Three Cultivated Choruses
Music:Milton Babbitt
62.Dovro dungue morire
73.Dovro dungue morire
The Habitable Earth
Music:Miriam Gideon
81.Part 1
92.Part 2
103.Part 3
11Cantus Contra Cantum IV
Music:Jacques-Louis Monod
Music:Maurice Wright
121.When as in silks
132.Alas, this life
143.The Expiration
154.My love in her attire
16Une Saison en Enfer
Music:Steven R. Gerber

合唱:New Calliope Singers
指揮:Peter Schubert
ピアノ:Michael Skelly/オーボエ:Diane Lesser([8]-[10])
アンサンブル:New York Cornet & Sacbut Ensemble([11])
ピアノ:Steven R. Gerber([16])

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