Gustav Holst: Choral Works
CD No.購入番号(P)
CHAN 9437CA10741996
7 Partsongs op.44 H.162
Music:Gustav Holst
1 1.Say who is this?2:33
2 2.O Love, I complain1:31
3 3.Angel spirits of sleep1:58
4 4.When first we met2:03
5 5.Sorrow and joy1:25
6 6.Love on my heart2:28
7 7.Assemble, all ye maidens10:51
8 A Choral Fantasia op.51 H.177
Music:Gustav Holst
9 A Dirge for two veterans H.121
Music:Gustav Holst
10 Ode to Death op.38 H.144
Music:Gustav Holst

合唱:The Joyful Company of Singers([1]-[9])
合唱:London Symphony Chorus([10])
指揮:Richard Hickox
ソプラノ:Patricia Rozario([1]-[8])
管弦楽:City of London Sinfonia

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