B.Britten - G.Holst: Sacred and profane
CDREV 89005CA06751989
Sacred and profane op.91
Music:Benjamin Britten
11.St. Godric's hymn1:27
22.I mon waxe wod0:40
33.Lenten is come2:23
44.The long night1:27
55.Yif ic of luve can2:33
77.Ye that pasen by1:36
88.A death3:06
Choral Dances from 'Gloriana' op.53
Music:Benjamin Britten
91.The Masque begins0:58
102.First Dance: Time1:47
113.Second Dance: Concord1:58
124.Third Dance: Time and Concord1:20
135.Fourth Dance: Country and Girls1:22
146.Fifth Dance: Rustics and Fishermen0:52
157.Sixth Dance: Final Dance of Homage2:04
5 Flower songs op.47
Music:Benjamin Britten
161.To daffodile2:04
172.The succession of the four sweet months1:37
183.Marsh flowers1:56
194.The evening primrose2:04
205.Ballad of green broom1:58
Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda (3rd Group) op.26
Music:Gustav Holst
211.Hymn to the Dawn2:54
222.Hymn to the Waters1:57
233.Hymn to Vena4:42
244.Hymn of the Travellers2:23

合唱:Groupe vocal "LES ELEMENTS"
指揮:Joél Suhubiette
ハープ:Hauviette Pradel de Lamaze([9]-[15][21]-[24])

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