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This page provides information about creating original ringtone melody and use it with your mobile phone.
Information of this page is based on Japanese environment. However, Europe and US might have the same situation. If it is successful in your country please let me know.
Making file
There are two ways for making original ringtone melody and using it. One is inputting tunes from keyboard (number buttons) of mobile phone. Another is downloading files from internet web site or personal computer to your mobile phone.
 Input from Mobile Phone keys
If you input tune by pushing buttons of your mobile phone, you have to refer document of your mobile phone because each mobile phone has different method.
 Convert from MIDI file
If you make ringtone file and send it to your mobile phone, you have to make ringtone file first. There are some ringtone sequencing soft, you might use them. There also are some ringtone converter soft, you might use them.
Sending file to Mobile Phone

There are two methods to send ringtone files from your computer to your mobile phone. One is connecting your PC and mobile phone with cable. Another is transferring the file into internet and downloading it from your mobile phone.

If you transfer the file by connecting PC and mobile phone, you should have software and cable. There are some Japanese package software that include both.

If you download the file from internet, you should upload two files into internet server. Those are a ringtone format file and a download page. Notice, you should be careful file names since long file names and file names that includes ‘ can not be downloaded from mobile phone.
 Sending file by email
Some mobile phone, such as NTT DOCOMO, can receive ringtone files via email. In this case, MLD file should be converted into text file and attached into mail body. To convert MLD file into text file, converting method “BASE64” is used. This converter can be found in some Japanese site. You may search other soft for your language.
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