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This program creates music based on geographical data.
Rambling ideas
Widely tried to create music based on various natural materials.
Waves, winds, growth rings of tree are said to make human feel at ease, it's called "1/f fluctuation".
Got ideas to create nice musics based on those data.

What kind of data do we use? I had a chance to work on GPS(Grobal Positioning System), I try to make up a program based on geographical data.
How do we create music by geographical data?
We use data which includes altitudes records from every corner of Japan.
Choose 2 points and draw a line. It examines the altitude, then turns them into music notes for 2 bars. Simply turns the high points to high note, low points to low note.

Available nice music?
Not really. Because it turns geographical data to note. It should apply music rules to create nicer music, however, it's meaningless if we stick to Earth Music. So mixed feeling...
Download is here.