"I want you to be brave. You mustn't be afraid of anything, Emily.
The universe is full of love."
- "Emily of New Moon" written by Lucy Maud Montgomery -

Emily Byrd Starr Martha MacIsaac
Emily at age five Sarah Briand
Elizabeth Murray Susan Clark
Laura Murray Sheila McCarthy
Jimmy Murray Stephen McHattie
Ilse Burnley Jessica Pellerin
Teddy Kent Shawn Roberts
Perry Miller Kris Lemche
Director George Bloomfield
Composer Christopher Dedrick
Production Designer Perri Gorrara
Producer Patricia Lavoie
Supervising Producer Marlene Matthews

The third season of "Emily of New Moon" began on WAM! in the USA on Tuesday, September 28th 1999 (but not in Canada yet). Though I have no idea whether it will be shown in Japan, I do hope that we will be able to enjoy it in the near future.

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