CUSat-1/2, DANDE launch on SpaceX

● (No.735) CUSat-1/2, DANDE launch on SpaceX (2012年1月29日)

米国コーネル大学 CUSat-1/2, コロラド大学 DANDE の両衛星が、Falcon 9 v1.1
ロケットにより Vandenberg Air Force Base, California から、2013年9月29日

CUSat-1/2, Cornell University Space Systems Lab

CUSat-1/2 is a 45kg satellite that will split into two parts sometime
after separation from the launcher. Image and positioning data will be
downlinked using 9k6 AX25 packet on 70cm from a 2 watt transmitter.
Cross linking between the two parts will also take place on 70cm.

The coordinated frequencies are:
- CUSat-1    437.405 MHz
- CUSat-2    437.485 MHz
- Cross link 437.305 MHz

Beaconed Callsign: BOTTOM
FCC Callsign: WG2XTI
Data Rate: 1200 baud
Modulation: AFSK
Transmit Interval: every 1 minute
RF Power Output: 2.2 W
Antenna Polarization: linear

Using centimeter accuracy carrier-phase differential GPS, the two
satellites will perform autonomous relative navigation. One satellite
will capture imagery of the other satellite and send these images to
a ground station on Earth for the reconstruction of a 3-D model of
the partner satellite. The images will also act to verify the relative
GPS implementation. Doing so will demonstrate how one spacecraft can
diagnose the structural health and configuration of another.

DANDE, Drag and Atmospheric Neutral Density Explorer
        University of Colorado and Colorado Space Grant Consortium

Measuring drag and neutral particles in the lower atmosphere between
325-400 kilometers, DANDE will be measuring real time density, quantifying
variations in altitude and over time, as well as providing in-situ model
calibration data. The satellite is a low-cost density, wind, and
composition measuring instruments that will providedata for the calibration
and validation of operational models and improve our understanding of the
thermosphere. Weighing approximately 84 pounds, DANDE is classified as
a nano-satellite that is about 18 inches in diameter. (fwd from amsat-bb)

Beacon: 436.750 MHz FM
Callsign: dandecosgc
Data Rate: 9600 baud
Modulation: G3RUH
Transmit Interval: every 15 seconds
RF Power Output: 0.75 W
Antenna Polarization: linear


Launch on 15 Sep 2013
14:00 p.m. EDT (18:00 p.m. UTC, 16 Sep 03:00 a.m. JST)

Postponed on 29 Sep 2013
12:00 p.m. EDT (16:00 p.m. UTC, 16 Sep 01:00 a.m. JST)

Falcon 9 countdown timeline

Falcon 9 launch timeline

Press Kit released by SpaceX


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