RS-39 (Chibis-M)

● (No.734) RS-39 (Chibis-M) (2012年1月21日)

ロシアの衛星 RS-39 が、Progress M-13M ISS補給船の離脱に合わせ、2012年1月
24日 23:18:30UTC (1月25日 08:18:30JST)に補給船から放出されます。周波数は
435.315MHz or 435.215MHz, CW ということで、今までの RS衛星と同様なデータ

> RS衛星 最新情報[訳]  (2010年1月9日編集)
> RS-28 (UGATUSAT,Ufa) 電源機能不良により失敗。
> RS-29 (STERKH)    ID 29 がこの衛星に付いて衛星送信機も使われたが、
>                   このナンバーは今まで除外されていた。
> RS-30 (Yubileyny-1) 運用中
> RS-31 〜 RS-37    OHBシステムとの契約で ORBCOMM衛星のために使われた。
> RS-38 (Tatyana-2)  完璧に動作中。Kalugaコントロール下で運用されている。
> RS-39 (Chibis-M)   2006年以来準備中。2011年打ち上げ予定。
> RS-40 (Yubileyny-2) 2010年中に打ち上げ予定。
> RS-   (      )       次期新RS衛星も開発進行中。

> RS Satellites update written by RW3DZ and edited by DK3WN, JE9PEL
>                      on 9 Jan 2010.
> RS-28 (UGATUSAT,Ufa) failed due to malfunction of electronics
> RS-29 (STERKH)       ID was reserved for this satellite but they used their
>                      own TRX rig and this number was omitted so far
> RS-30 (Yubileyny-1)  operational
> RS-31 to RS-37       were used for ORBCOMM satellites under contract from
>                      OHB-systems
> RS-38 (Tatyana-2)    is working perfect & operate well under Kaluga control
> RS-39 (Chibis-M)     is under construction since 2006 and may be on orbit
>                      in 2011
> RS-40 (Yubileyny-2)  will be on orbit in 2010
> RS-   (      )       next new RS satellites also in progress (ロシア語サイトを英語に変換)

Transport cargo vehicle "Progress M-13M" to the ISS
Category: Project News
Spacecraft "Chibis" delivered to the ISS
02.11.2011 16:31 Age: 80 days

November 2 at 15 hours 41 minutes GMT performed docking cargo ship
"Progress M-13M" to the International Space Station (ISS).

Cargo ship docked to the docking bay, "Pierce." The convergence process was
carried out in an automatic mode under the control of specialists in the
Mission Control Center TsNIImash and ISS.

Logistics vehicle (THC), "Progress M-13M" delivered to the station more than
2.6 tons of cargo needed to support the ISS flight in a manned mode and a
program of applied research on its board. Among them are small spacecraft
"Chibis-M" for a new experiment "microsatellite."

This experiment provides a comprehensive study of physical processes in
atmospheric lightning discharges. Delivery of the microsatellite in its
working orbit at an altitude of 500 km will be done with a THC "Progress
M-13M" after the completion of the flight of the truck in the station.
According to the developers of the term of active existence of the
spacecraft, "Chibis-M" will be at least one year.

Press-service of Federal Space Agency, and PCOs

"Lapwing" is getting ready to fly
Category: Project Chibis-M
01/14/2012 6:08 Age: 7 days

November 2, 2011 on the ship "Progress M-13M" to the International Space
Station was taken to small spacecraft "Chibis-M". This week the astronauts
will begin to prepare him for autonomous flight.

Small Spacecraft "Chibis-M" is intended to implement a new geophysical
experiment "microsatellite", which provides a comprehensive study of
physical processes in atmospheric lightning discharges in a wide range of
energies - from radio to gamma radiation.

Derivation of "Chibisa" on its operational orbit, altitude of 500 km, will
be carried out by the ship "Progress M-13M" after the completion of the
flight of this truck in the ISS.

According to the ballistic Service Mission Control Center Engineering
Research Institute undocking from the ISS space trucks is scheduled for
January 24 at 1:00 59 am Moscow time. Then, using the two inclusions of main
engine, the ship will be translated into a higher orbit with an average
altitude of about 500 kilometers. According to preliminary calculations,
the first inclusion is planned in 05 hours 32 minutes 39 seconds, the second
 - at 06 hours 18 minutes 55 seconds.

January 25 at 03 hours 14 minutes MSK of "Lapwing" should be separated from
the space of the truck and start a solo flight in low Earth orbit.

Small Spacecraft "Chibis-M" was developed at the Institute of Space Research
of Russian Academy of Sciences. Its mass is in free flight is 34.4 pounds.

Press-service of Federal Space Agency, and PCOs

Chibis-M Microsatellite Mission

Chibis-M (Chibis means a "lapwing" in Russian, it is the name of a bird of
the Vanellus family, the "M" stands for Molniya=Thunderstorm) is a low-cost
microsatellite mission of IKI-RAS (Space Research Institute-Russian Academy
of Sciences), Moscow, Russia. The partner institutions of the science
mission are: SINP (D. V. Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics) of the
Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow; SRG (Space Research Group)
of Eotvos University, Budapest, & BL-Electronics Kft., Solymar, Hungary;
and LC-ISR (Lviv Centre-Institute for Space Research) of NANU-NKAU, Lviv,
Ukraine. The PI of the Chibis project is Lev Zeleny of IKI.

More ...

> Chibis is "Чибис" in Russian.
> Chibis means a "lapwing" in Russian, it is the name of a bird of
> the Vanellus family.
> "lapwing" is 'タゲリ' bird.


Happy Birthday Chibisa!
Category: News of the project Chibis-M
01.25.2012 13:28 Age: 2 hr.


Happy Birthday Chibisa!
And as a former student - during the day with Tatiana!

Paved the way to space for science and for SRI - no wonder 10 years ago,
we spent time on the Kolibri-2000! From the path to normal road soon fly
following Chibisa!

Ham radio operators around the world listen to the voice Chibis.

Keep in touch!

Once again - warmest congratulations!


Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences. Alexander Zaitsev
zav.sektorom Polar Geophysical Research, IZMIRAN,

expert on the use of microsatellites, Department 54 IKI,

Children's Creativity Center in Troitsk - an educational project
"Satellite Communications and Informatics"


RS-39 に関わる話し by JE1CVL

RS-39地上局:JA に一番近い GS, Krasnoyarsk クラスノヤルスク by JA0CAW

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