DTLMプログラム Q&A

● (No.176) DTLMプログラム Q&A (1999年5月25日)

 次にその問答集を紹介します。 英文ですが内容は察して下さい。

Q1. I am very impressive about your achievement of decoding the
    telemetry data of uo-12 with DTLM. Now how can I do the same
    thing with UO22 and KO25 since I cannot find out the CFG files
    of these two satellite in order to decode with DTLM anywhere.

A1. Uo5tlm.cfg  for UO-22
    Kitsat1.cfg for KO-23
    Kitsat2.cfg for KO-25 are in wisp-tlm.zip on the following web;

    Tmsat1.cfg  for TO-31 is on the following web;

    Uo12obc.cfg for UO-36 is in uo12tlm.zip on the following web;

Q2. Where is WiSP32 program ?

A2. Updated wisp3212.exe program is on the following web;

    You can receive a KISS and TLM data from the satellite by WiSP32.

Q3. Where is DTLM program ?

A3. Updated dtlm.exe program is in uo12tlm.zip on the following web;

    Command example for TO-31  >dtlm /f tmsat1 /r 99051801.tlm /mp
    Command example for UO-36  >dtlm /f uo12obc /r 99042300.kss /mc

Q4. I have find out that it is very difficult to download a images
    from the 9600 birds. Can you shell your precious experience
    about image downloading ?

A4. I'm downloading always a large size file at AOS or LOS when
    the satellite is on the Pacific Ocean.

Q5. What program did you use to create the graphs ?

A5. I plot by hand from the DTLM decoded data. You can dump
    to the 'Spool.tlm' log file immediately by Pause_key and
    D_key double presses.

Q6. But the strange is that it has NO KSS or TLM files in the 
    wisp's uo36 directory at all after the uo36 had passed away.

A6. I can have the KSS files in the own wisp's UO-36 directory.
    Please check up you the following GSC_Setup.

      GSC - Setup - Satellite Setup - Edit - MSPE Settings
                    - Log KISS frames & Log Telemetry frames

    You will get the KSS and TLM files from KO-25, TO-31 etc,
    but you can get a KSS file only from UO-36 for some reasons.

Q7. What is the difference between tlm and kss files?

A7. KSS file contains all S,U,I frames in AX25. and TLM file is
    only telemetry frames in KSS file.

    I introduce here to you a 'kiss2asc.exe' program that
    convert KISS data into ASCII data.

Q8. They seem to be almost identical after decoding.

A8. Yes, DTLM program decode identically it from both KSS and
    TLM datas.

         Name : JE9PEL/Mineo Wakita
         Mail : je9pel@jamsat.or.jp
         URL  : http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/
         QTH  : Yokohama Japan,  GL:PM95TJ
         Date : 25 May. 1999