Australia 1994Uganda 1991Vietnam 1994
Saltwater Crocodile
Crocodylus porosus
Nile Crocodile
Crocodylus niloticus
Freshwater Crocodile
Crocodylus johnsoni
Vietnam 1994China 2000Paraguay 1969Vietnam 1994
American Alligator
Alligator mississippiensis
Chinese Alligator
Alligator sinensis
Spectacled Caiman
Caiman crocodilus
Paraguay Spectacled Caiman
Caimen crocodilus yacare


Saltwater Crocodile is widely distributed with a kind becoming greatest in a crocodile living in Asia from India to Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea, Australia. The rostrum part is sharp for a long time, and, as for the head, a long triangle has a shape. The property is furious, and there can be the thing attacking the human being. The eating habit waits for approaching the waterside so that the mammals such as a goat or the cow drink water with animal and it bite to the size that it bite, and is easy to eat and eat.
Nile Crocodile is distributed a lot over the African central part southward. It reach full length 7m. In the rostrum, the color of the body has a spot and fess to a side of the body with dark brown with a long triangle. It is very ferocious and attack the man and beast. The leather is used as leather products in the one of the best things in a crocodile.
Freshwater Crocodile is distributed over the Australian northeast, and there are many things of full length around 1.8-2m. The rostrum part narrows for a long time and the bait increases it from the side and eats. It opens a mouth in flesh-eating greatly underwater, and eats a fish approaching it at a stretch.
American Alligator is distributed over the North American southeast department whole area and has the length of four or fivem. The color of the body is black, and the rostrum edge is round, and a constriction of the cephalothoraces does not become clear with flatness. The eating habit eats Crustacea and an insect, a bird, a fish with animal. It force more so that it may be said that there is not that it attack the person at all, and because it is a kind, the child crocodile is good, and it is kept as a pet.
Chinese Alligator is the small crocodile which distributed over the Yangtze River down stream in China, and become full length 2m. The rostrum is round, but the length is short. There is a light yellow irregular stripe with dark brown a little whether the back is black as for the color of the body. As for the tailpiece, this stripe is particularly remarkable. It preys on fish underwater. The character can rarely attack a person or the mammal quietly.
Yacare Caiman is distributed over the South American central part and grows up to full length around 2.4m. The rostrum part is short widely. As for the color of the body, there is an irregular wide crest to a side of the body in dark brown, and there is the spot that is blackish with the lower chin side, the eye.

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