Insect Stamp of Venezuela

Venezuela is there in the northern part of the South America, is faced the Caribbean Sea and the best oil-producing country of Central and South America. Columbus went ashore in 1498 and it became the Spanish colony in the next year and lasted than 300 years and was governed. It formed the Republic of Great Colombia with Colombia, Ecuador in 1819 and it separated in 1830 and achieved independence. But military administration continued after independence more than 100 years and it was 1945 that realized democratization.
Six kinds of insect stamps were issued in 1968 which will become early issue from Venezuela in the South America comparatively as an insect stamp.

1968.8.30 Insect Stamp
Brown Leaf-cutter Ant
Atta sexdens
Spittle Bug
Aeneolamia vagia
Noctuid Moth (Worm)
Laphygma trugiperda
Flea Beetle
Systena systena
Cotton Boll Weevil
Anthonomus grandis
Hawk Moth (Worm)
Protoparce sexta

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