Animal Stamp of Uruguay

There is the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Atlantic bank surrounded by Argentina and Brazil, and a country is half of Japan. It was discovered at the beginning of 16th century by a Spanish explorer and became Spain territory in the 18th century. It moved to the U.K. territory at the beginning of the 19th century and became independent afterwards in 1825.
Five kinds of sea life stamps were issued in 1968 by this Oriental Republic of Uruguay, and a field model sheet consisting of four pieces of fish stamps was issued in 2005.

Oriental Republic of Uruguay
1968 Marine Fauna Stamp
Octopus tehueleus
Basilichthys bonariensis
Dorado Characin
Salminus maxillosus
South American Catfish
Sorubim lima
Brazil Spear Squid
Loligo brasiliensis

2005.11.22 Fish Stamp
South American Catfish
Rhamdia sapo
Pejerrey Fish
Odontesthes bonariensis
Hoplias malabaricus
Piranha Nattereri
Pygocentrus nattereri

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