Animal Stamp of Turkey

Turkey exists at the important position to bind Asia and Europe together, and is surrounded by countries such as former Soviet Union in the north, Syria in the south, Greece in the west, Iraq in the east. The days of Ottoman Turkish Empire appeared since 1299 to 1922 and enlarged a territory so as to sit astride three continents of Asia, Afurica and European in the golden age, but it received the decline from the 17th century, defeat in World War I, and the empire collapsed. It build a republic in 1923. The second republican form of government starts by a military coup in 1961.
Two kinds of small seats, stamp four kinds on which it drew birds as a stamp of "the days of the global environment" were issued in 1999 by this Republic of Turkey.

Republic of Turkey
1999.6.3 Glabal Environment Day Stamp
Little Bustard
Tetrax tetrax
Spur-winged Lapwing
Hoplopterus spinosus
Mergus thoak
Sitta krueperii

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